Anna Rekers Smart SkinCare was founded with a clear mission:

To create beautifully balanced, result-driven skincare solutions in which each and every ingredient has a purpose.

Our transparent, ingredient-first approach to skincare means we only choose ingredients we respect and which are compatible with your skin’s own biology. Each of our targeted, nutrient-dense formulas is powered by potent and proven key ingredients that your skin recognizes, loves and can work with. Included at the right concentrations and combinations to be safe, balanced and effective.

After twelve years of extensive research into the magical world of cosmetology and high performance bioactive ingredients, Anna specialised in formulating her own high-quality and effective multi-active formulations.

When sourcing our ingredients we use the vast intelligence of nature and smart, innovative biotechnology to unlock the full potential skincare can offer. From antioxidant-rich botanicals to soothing ceramides to biomimetic skin firming peptides – each ingredient is carefully selected for its unique clinically-proven properties to nourish, protect and repair.

We are 100% cruelty-free and make sure our ingredients are clean, safe and sustainably sourced.

Discover the unique & multiple benefits of our main ingredients!


Extracted from the root of the Comfrey plant, Allantoin is a tried-and-tested all-rounder in skincare with soothing, moisturizing, protective and restorative properties. It also regenerates skin by gentle exfoliation for a brighter, rejuvenated complexion. A must-have ingredient for sensitive skin – wonderful for all skin types.

You will find Allantoin in all our products.


Rich in vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides and other nutrients, Aloe has multiple skin-loving properties: moisturizing, hydrating, skin-barrier strengthening, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing.

We use organic , highly concentrated Aloe Vera in our formulas.


Extracted from plants such as the bearberry, Alpha-Arbutin is a safe and very effective skin brightening ingredient and antioxidant. Ten times more potent than its cheaper cousin B- Arbutin, Alpha-Arbutin does an impressive job at evening out skin tone, fading acne scars and improving skin texture.


For centuries used topically for its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and antioxidant properties, Avena Sativa (Oat) is a stellar ingredient when it comes to treating and nourishing sensitized, dry and even eczema prone or itchy skin. Soothing and reducing redness and irritation, it promotes a healthy skin barrier and protects from environmental stressors.


Rich in antioxidants (Vitamin E) and Omega-9 fatty acids, Avocado oil is deeply nourishing and delivers lasting moisture to the skin while protecting it from free radicals damage. It prevents dryness and diminishes signs of ageing by keeping skin glowing and youthful.


Soothing and deeply nourishing, this patented active ingredient is especially designed for the regenerative care of troubled, sensitized and dry skin. It strongly reduces inflammation such as redness and itchiness and revives delicate skin by restoring moisture and improving suppleness.  Clinically proven to promote a healthy skin barrier function for healthy looking skin.


Extracted from the active part of Chamomile, Bisabolol is a soothing and moisturizing antioxidant with skin-calming and anti-ageing properties.  It soothes, protects from everyday free radical damage and gently brightens the skin, thus delaying signs of ageing.


Rich in beta-glucan and oligosaccharides, this yeast extract from the Mexican blue agave delivers hydration into the skin but also plumps by actually boosting the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin itself.  As a hyaluronic acid booster and hydrator, this botanical extract reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (wonderful for crow’s feet) and helps keep skin moisturized.


Soothing, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive, caffeine helps reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles while generally promoting a brightened, refreshed look around the eyes.


Rich in antioxidants and beta carotene, Carrot Seed Oil revitalizes and rejuvenates skin in more way than one. Thanks to its natural vitamin A content it gently promotes cell turnover and also helps to even out skin tone.  What is more, it restores glow, tones skin and provides moisture without clogging your pores.


This ancient Ayurvedic plant native to Asia is also known by the name of Indian Pennyworth, Gotu Kola and Cica.  Rich in flavonoids as well as an active compound called Madecassoside, it has powerful antioxidant, hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. Centella  boosts collagen synthesis within the skin , neutralizes free radicals, reduces redness and irritation, locks in moisture and promotes an overall youthful complexion.


Identical to lipids found in the skin, this concentrated Ceramide Complex rich in phospholipids and sphingolipids replenishes the skin barrier and locks in moisture, ensuring lasting hydration and beautifully moisturized skin.


This liquid Ceramide complex shows the highest skin bioavailability thanks to its natural base of glycerides obtained from olive oil.  In simple terms, these are ceramides your skin recognizes and can work with. Highly concentrated, it replenishes and strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier while providing long lasting hydration. In vivo testing has proven it helps restore skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


Extracted from the flower heads of the chamomile botanical, chamomile flower water is rich in flavonoids,  bisabolol and antioxidants and has soothing anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-irritant properties. It calms, hydrates and revitalizes and is ideal for sensitive and irritated skin.  

Our distilled chamomile flower is water free of known allergens as stipulated by the EU cosmetics regulations.

You will find it in our Ceramide and Peptide Eye Serum.


 Also called Ubiquinone, this powerful antioxidant is vital for skin health. It protects the skin from oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals, so preventing premature ageing. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, enhances skin smoothness and supplies vital energy to skin cells.

We encapsulate this potent antioxidant in a smart Liposome delivery system for even better effectiveness.


A truly SMART biotechnologically created molecule activated by a functional layer of the skin itself (stratum microbium) and delivering powerful skin brightening and skin rejuvenating results. It is clinically proven to be tens of times more powerful than kojic acid. By targeting several biological pathways it addresses all different issues of uneven skin tone but also helps prevent new unwanted pigment from appearing.


An innovative, highly stable and multifunctional form of Vitamin C with superior skin penetration. As  potent as L- Ascorbic Acid but without the irritation, it is an ideal, highly effective antioxidant even for those with sensitive skin.

Outshining all other Vitamin C derivatives in increasing collagen synthesis from within as well as in its stability, it has clinically been shown to promote firmer, smoother and more radiant skin.  Its excellent brightening properties help reduce dark spots, restore glow and even out skin tone.  It protects your skin against environmental (free radical) damage, such as UV, pollution and blue light, so fighting premature signs of ageing.

A super hero ingredient we love and like to pair with other powerful antioxidants to pack an extra punch of skin goodness.


Lightweight yet chock-full of vitamin E, omega fatty acids (linoleic acid), and other skin-loving compounds, high-quality grapeseed oil packs a powerful punch in skincare formulations. As a potent antioxidant it helps protect your skin against damage from UV rays and other free radicals.  It also provides deep moisture without leaving you skin feeling greasy or oily, and even helps with acne, rosacea and eczema thanks to its antimicrobial properties. Minimizing fine lines, scars and sun spots and boosting elasticity, it is a true rejuvenating oil.


Rich in skin-nourishing polyphenols, vitamins B and E, green tea leaf has strong photo protective, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It delays ageing, reduces redness, helps clear acne and restores glow.

One of of green tea’s most powerful, protective and reparative polyphenols is EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), a potent antioxidant which not only protects skin against UV- and other environmental damage but also inhibits the breakdown of collagen. A true fountain of youth, green tea guards the health of your skin cells and rejuvenates your complexion.


Hemp seeds are very rich in essential fatty acids, particularly linoleic and gamma-linolenic acid, which are vital for the skin to repair and regenerate itself.  Aside from supporting a healthy skin barrier, hemp seed oil delivers deep moisture without clogging pores. Helping skin to retain more water and gently promoting cell turnover, it softens and reduces signs of ageing.  Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties makes it great rejuvenating oil for all skin types but especially suited to sensitive and blemish-prone skin.

 We use CBD-free, unadulterated, green Hemp seed oil in our formulas.


Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants (vitamins A, C and E), this plant-derived protein that comes from pumpkin protects and repairs elastin and collagen and improves damaged or roughly-textured skin. It smooths by helping skin retain moisture and protects against oxidation. Plumping and supporting skin’s youthful firmness and elasticity, it is also effective for diminishing stretch marks and scars.


See Sodium Hyaluronate


Technically a wax ester rather than an oil, Jojoba is a versatile botanical with properties strikingly similar to our skin’s own sebum. As a result it can penetrate the skin deeply for optimal nourishment but also to deliver effective anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hydrating properties all the way down to the skin’s matrix. It helps regulate sebum, reduces redness, breakouts and psoriasis, and is a great moisturizer for all skin types. Particularly rich in Omega-9 fatty acids, it strengthens the skin barrier and promotes skin elasticity and firmness.

We use both Golden Jojoba Oil and Hydrolyzed Jojoba esters in our formulas.


A small, nutrient-dense super fruit found in Australia boasting the highest recorded levels of Vitamin C of any natural source in the world – 5 times more than blueberries and over 50% more than oranges! 

Packed with polyphenols, this potent natural antioxidant fights and protects against free radicals, boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid production, wards off wrinkles and age spots, restores glow and soothes irritated skin and redness. A rejuvenating super fruit if ever there was one.

 We use sustainably sourced, high-quality Kakadu Plum extract ensuring your skin gets the most benefits from this precious fruit without harming the source.


This gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a wonderful staple in skincare. Naturally derived from milk, fruit or sugar, it helps smooth, renew and refine skin by gently removing the buildup of dead cells from the top layer. Gradually glow is restored and a more youthful, well-hydrated complexion revealed. It is also a wonderful PH adjuster.

We use plant-derived lactic acid, obtained by fermentation of sugar from beets.


A phospholipid naturally found in the membranes of (skin) cells, lecithin serves a structural role in all human cells. When added in skincare it works remarkably well with our skin to promote hydration and elasticity. Lecithin’s moisturizing phospholipids also play an important role in keeping your skin barrier strong and resilient. When our skin barrier is damaged or fragile, our skin is prone to dullness, wrinkles, dryness and sagging. A great moisturizer and antioxidant, lecithin is a true defender of healthy, plump and supple skin.

In our formulations we use skin-identical, natural non- GMO plant-derived lecithin.


Rich in glabridin, a potent antioxidant with skin-soothing and skin-brightening properties, Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) calms sensitized skin, reduces redness and evens out skin tone for a beautiful, radiant complexion.

In our formulations we use skin-identical, natural non- GMO plant-derived lecithin.


A clinically proven anti-wrinkle blend of 2 matrikines or messenger peptides (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7) working in synergy to restore and maintain the skin’s youthful appearance by signaling to skin cells (fibroblasts) to produce more collagen. Collagen is vital for keeping skin smooth, supple and plump.

We use plant-derived lactic acid, obtained by fermentation of sugar from beets.


 A multifunctional and incredibly restorative (B3) vitamin – a skincare superstar.

Not only does it revitalize the skin barrier by promoting the production of ceramides and elastin, it also helps with evening out skin tone, softening fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing enlarged pores and improving skin texture.

Anti-inflammatory and a potent antioxidant, it is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, oily and even acne-prone skin.

Note:  Many skincare companies integrate this ingredient as a stand-alone active in their formulations, or use it at excessively high concentrations with flushing or other skin irritation as a result.

Our approach is different. We know niacinamide to be an excellent team player which tends to become even more effective when thoughtfully combined with other skin-enhancing ingredients.

We include this versatile skin vitamin in virtually all our formulas – always at clinically effective levels that do not overload your skin.

We use plant-derived lactic acid, obtained by fermentation of sugar from beets.


Also going by the name of Provitamin B5, panthenol is a multifunctional star ingredient whose role as both humectant and emollient is quite unique. As a humectant it draws water deep into the skin, delivering precious hydration, and as an emollient it seals that moisture in the cracks of the skin so it stays there.  It supports a healthy skin barrier by preventing water from escaping and also has anti-inflammatory properties. Last, it is well tolerated by all skin types.


A potent antioxidant rich in vitamin C, A and E as well as polyphenols and flavonoids, this powerhouse fruit protects skin from free radical damage such as UV radiation, diminishes blemishes, spots and an uneven complexion, detoxes and promotes cell turnover for overall smoother, brighter skin.


This  new generation active consisting of Azelaic Acid combined with glycerin offers even better anti-redness and brightening results than Azelaic Acid alone.  Water soluble and anti-inflammatory, it also hydrates while promoting cell turnover.


Propanediol is a true skin friend. Not only does it help your skin absorb precious active ingredients so they can deliver all their benefits, it also provides silky smooth hydration to your skin without greasiness.  On top of that it boosts the efficacy of preservatives, promoting a safer and more stable formulation.

We use 100% natural, plant-derived, skin-friendly Propanediol in all our products.


Having wonderful hydrating, invigorating and soothing (anti-inflammatory) properties, our distilled Rosa Centifolia Flower Water revitalizes dry and sensitive skin, providing deep moisture while gently toning.


Extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree and also known as Karité, Shea is a natural lipid with a unique nutrition profile.  Packed with vitamins, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds it is an excellent moisturizer for both dry and oily skin. It soothes, supports collagen production and helps protect from UV light and sunburns.


As with all our ingredients, we are meticulous in our selection of Hyaluronic Acid and have opted for a pure and stable Sodium Hyaluronate with just the right molecular weight to restore hydration, plump the skin and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles by working on different layers of the skin.

Our Sodium Hyaluronate  is non-GMO, pure food grade and not derived from animals.


Sodium PCA is a humectant and hydrating agent that naturally occurs in the skin.  Similar to hyaluronic acid, it attracts moisture from the surrounding air and locks it into your skin. In fact, sodium PCA adds up to your natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which keeps the skin’s moisture barrier hydrated, plump and healthy. It is a vital ingredient for optimal barrier function. With age, the natural level of sodium PCA in our skin decreases, but topical integration in skincare helps replenish these lost amounts.


Rich in linoleic acid as well as vitamins E and A, sunflower seed oil is one of the finest plant oils to nourish and protect the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritation and redness while strengthening the skin’s natural barrier function. Fast absorbed into the skin, it delivers deep and lasting moisture and prevents trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) without clogging pores, making it a wonderful oil for most skin types.  Thanks to its antioxidant compounds it is also effective at reducing UV damage in the skin, and overall promotes a youthful complexion.


Making up over 90% of your skin’s natural defense system, tocopherols (Vitamin E) are true workhorses when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. Their powerful antioxidant properties protect skin from free radical damage, reduce inflammation and overall help your skin look youthful.

When paired with fellow-antioxidant Vitamin C, their protective, healing and moisturizing properties are reinforced, resulting in a strengthened skin barrier and smoother, well-hydrated skin.

We exclusively use 100% natural, non-GMO and high-concentrate Tocopherols. You will find it in all our products.


Tocopheryl acetate is another form of vitamin E and an excellent antioxidant as well. It protects your skin from all sorts of environmental aggressors and free radical damage, such as UV light, pollution and even cigarette smoke. In doing so it wards off DNA damage in the skin.  It also promotes skin healing and helps your skin stay hydrated.

Our Sodium Hyaluronate  is non-GMO, pure food grade and not derived from animals.


An innovative 3-amino-acid peptide that by regulating biological mechanisms involved in the ageing process protects elastin (the skin elasticity protein) from breaking down.  By decreasing the production of progerin (a toxic protein leading to early skin cellular ageing) as well protecting elastin and collagen, this peptide has shown to be a defender of youthful, healthy-looking skin. In vivo studies have shown it increases tissue elasticity and firmness, while reducing wrinkles and sagging.


A very light, naturally derived triglyceride and emollient that hydrates and softens skin and gives a velvety touch without feeling greasy.  It can therefore replace silicones in formulations.


Did you know that Urea constitutes 7% of your skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF)? These Natural Moisturizing Factors are essential for the outer layer of your skin to stay hydrated and protected.  Urea is a powerful humectant, meaning it really helps your skin lock in moisture, and it does so with lasting duration. Urea is a true skin savior for dry, eczema prone or rough, mature skin. At higher concentrations it also promotes cell turnover thanks to its exfoliating properties.

You will find Urea in our HydraFirm Moisture Complex.

When paired with fellow-antioxidant Vitamin C, their protective, healing and moisturizing properties are reinforced, resulting in a strengthened skin barrier and smoother, well-hydrated skin.

We exclusively use 100% natural, non-GMO and high-concentrate Tocopherols. You will find it in all our products.