Biocompatible is our priority

At Anna Rekers Smart SkinCare we believe that healthy, radiant skin can only be achieved through formulas that are balanced, respectful and supportive of your skin barrier, and made with ingredients that can work in harmony with your skin’s own biology.

In other words, for skincare to be effective it needs to be biocompatible.  It is this biocompatibility that has been our guiding principle in formulating our products for optimum safety and efficiency:

  • We only use active ingredients that your skin can recognize, accept and process.

From potent superfood extracts to bio-active skin vitamins to innovative skin-activated (biomimetic) peptides, our ingredients are carefully selected for their ability to be recognized, absorbed and used without irritation.

  • We make sure our precious ingredients are included at the right molecular weight and at optimally beneficial concentrations backed by science.
  • We bring you these nutrients and actives in a safe and effective delivery system so they can get to where they need to be – to do the work. 

Harnessing revolutionary innovation, we have incorporated some of these actives using smart skin-identical Liposome technology.

  • We respect your skin’s acid mantle and have made sure all our ingredients and final products are close to your skin’s natural PH.

Clinically-proven ingredients for real results

When it comes to selecting our ingredients, we do not believe in buzz or hype.  At the heart of each of our exclusive formulas lies our deep understanding of active ingredients as well as rigorous, innovative research.

Leveraging the finest Nature, science and biotechnology have to offer, we can ensure only true, proven skin heroes make it into our bottles and jars.

From potent botanical extracts to novel skin-rejuvenating peptides, we have curated our active and non-active ingredients with great precision, based on their clinical and safety record to target a variety of skin concerns and effectively contribute to an end product that forms the foundation for healthy, well-nourished and luminous skin.

Multifunctional and highly-concentrated: your skin routine simplified


Many typical skincare routines involve complicated multi-step regimens or multiple variations of similar products that not only can be time-consuming, confusing and costly but, by overloading your skin, might actually present more problems than they set out to solve.  

We aim to restore simplicity and mindfulness to skincare by adopting a targeted and streamlined approach that focuses on essential skin needs and balance.  

We believe that by intelligently combining multi-purpose active ingredients that work in balance we can create high-performance, nutrient-dense skincare that is deeply nourishing while effectively fighting multiple signs of ageing at the same time.

 All our formulas are potent, rejuvenating multitaskers that deliver distinct results without overloading your skin or compromising your skin barrier.

Our precious nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, ceramides, omega fatty acids and more are incorporated at high and effective concentrations, which means you need less product to get the job done.